Wednesday, January 9, 2008

RS1-lakh: India unviels its TATAs

The web is abuzz with the news of the RS1-lakh AKA Tata Nano, for those of you looking for more info I wrote up this article.

At the Ninth Annual Auto Expo in New Delhi on January 10th 2008, Tata Motors is set to revolutionize the automotive industry with the introduction of the "World's Cheapest Car" but is the operative word CHEAP?

Production is scheduled for mid 2008. To come in under the estimated $2500 sticker price, Tata has to be very creative with every step of the process.

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Personally, I want to import a couple for my wife and I. Mainly so I can invite friends over to see my Tatas, "Go ahead touch them, love them, FEEL my Tatas."

Update: Video from the Show:

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