Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Mr President.

To the Office of President Barack H. Obama:
Submitted through the White House Office of Public Liason

I have been researching the development of transportation transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy for some time now.

As I am sure the administration is aware, governmental incentives do spurn consumer interest and capital investments.

Given the problems facing the American auto industry and the massive amount of on the road "dirty" vehicles, has the administration considered any policy to incentivize conversion of existing vehicles to electric or hybrid technology?

It would seem logical to assume the new energy economy development costs to the auto industry could be reduced by creating and offering to the public "engine" technology that mates with standard proven drive train, braking and chassis designs. This development would help ensure the jobs of many of the American auto workers and suppliers.

As dealerships are cut, so are jobs cut in the auto repair and maintenance shop in the back.

If the the government in conjunction with the major American auto companies would invest in this type of retro-greening technology, a significant revenue stream could be realized for the participating companies with the added benefit of reducing both our carbon emissions and dependence on foreign oil.

In all the debates on these issues I have heard nothing to address the current number of vehicles on the road.

As many enthusiasts around the country will attest not only can this be done, it is actively being done. Their only question is, "Why wouldn't the auto industry and government like to be involved?".

Environmental researchers, Electrical engineers, Consumers and Laid off mechanics would all surely agree this would be a positive initiative.

To reiterate the specific question:
Has the administration considered any policies to incentivize conversion of existing vehicles to electric or hybrid technology?

Thank You, you may view this annotated and with public comments at

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