Monday, December 31, 2007

Free Platformers, Open Source Gamers Guide to Free Games Part 3

Up Next in the Open Source Gamers Guide to Free Games:

The Platformers.

OSGGFG Part 3. Run and Jump For Joy.

Mario is well represented, plus Tux, a Ninja, a Blob or 2, and a couple cute widdle fuzzy bunnies ..... that explode, and more! As usual with the games in the OSGGFG, all Games are Free with a capital F, no cost and Open Source. All games have builds or installers for Windows, and Linux, sometimes theres even a Mac in there, once in a while.

Honestly, If you haven't played Secret Maryo Chronicles, or Super Mario World, You Should. As matter of fact, all the games in this edition are great fun, thats why they are here.

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