Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Moment of Silence for Netscape

Quietly over the Holidays a short Blog entry was written at Netscape's Blog. This one little post can be viewed as the end of a chapter in the short history of the internet.

RIP Netscape. I offer this prolonged moment of Whitespace in memoriam.


Farewell old friend, your offspring will never forget your sacrifices.

Giving ordinary people the ability to create a web page, view pages created by others, and instantly contact people across vast distances, in one application, was simply brilliant, and we will remember you.

AOL/Netscape is ending product support (meaning no security updates) on its Netscape Navigator software effective Feb 1, 2008. For current users, AOL has recommended switching to Firefox.
With my dying breath I stab at thee.

If you like the integration that the Netscape suite offered, SeaMonkey is the open source equivalent.

I will miss seeing you in my server logs.

This piece moved me so much I felt it necessary to write up an article for the uninformed.

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