Friday, January 25, 2008

Evolution Just a Theory?

In a recent discussion on life the universe and everything, the topic of evolution and Darwin came up as it always does. When the conversation stopped me in my tracks with this statement that I'm sure we all have heard.

"Well, evolution is just a theory."

This is the problem with the English language, there just aren't enough words. Sometimes we have to share them with other "common" meanings.

This statement coming from an intelligent person whom I respect and care for affected me more than I had expected. Upon further consideration, I decided this is not just one person's misconception, it must be widespread even in people under no religious pressure whatsoever. I set about to enlighten as many people as possible to the problem with the following article.

Terms used in an intelligent debate require mutual understanding for the conversation to have any value to both parties. In any discussion on evolution a certain phrase comes up in which there appears not to be mutual understanding. That phrase is "Evolution is only a theory." or "Evolution is just one theory." Intelligent Design proponents toot this horn as often as they can. In some cases deliberately misunderstanding the meaning of the word theory to bolster their argument to an undereducated public. Webster's online dictionary has no less than six definitions for the word theory.

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I hope I have helped in some small way with this contribution. Now we all have a nice place to link to whenever this comes up again.


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