Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacWorld 2008 Keynote Highlights MacBook Air, Movie Rentals, Iphone updates, Apple TV take 2 and Time Capsule

Steve Jobs has just finished his Keynote address at this years MacWorld Expo. Here are the Highlights.

Apple unveiled the new Time Capsule hardware allowing you to backup wirelessly from multiple computers throughout the house.

Jobs also Introduced new features for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Iphone gets a free upgrade with Location based Mapping, SMS messaging, WebClips, and Home Page customization.
New iPod Touchs get Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes, and Weather apps. existing Touch users can upgrade for $20.

Adding to Apples Gadget List is the new AppleTV 2. Which is really the AppleTV version 1 with newer software and a new lower price of $229 Giving you access on your TV to content from YouTube, Flicker and of course iTunes.

Speaking of iTunes, iTunes gets Movie rentals from Touchstone, MGM, Miramax, Lions Gate, Fox, WB, Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Sony.
Movies run from 1.99 up to 4.99 for HD new releases. You can transfer between Ipod, iPhone, PC and Mac but you only have 24hrs from the time you start watching it.

The Big Announcement.
The $1799 MacBook Air the Thinnest Laptop in the World. This thing is so svelte, Steve pulled it out of a manila envelope.
Here are the specs

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz Standard, 13.3" LED-backlit widescreen display, 2 GB Memory standard, built-in iSight video camera, multi-touch TrackPad, 80 GB hard disk standard, available, 802.11n + Bluetooth, USB and MicroDVI connector. 5 hour Battery.
With an optional 1.8 GHz CPU, 64 GB SSD, Be warned those options boost the price to over $3,000.

OK, he got me with that last one, it is this year's gotta have it gadget. I mean look at it, it's so thin. Apple is taking pre-orders now.

AC asked me to answer the following questio.
Is the MacBook Air is worth the $1799 price tag?

Apple has Complete Video of Steve Jobs' Keynote up

But for the short Version You can't beat this one, 90 mins in 60 secs.


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