Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bill Gates Keynote at CES 2008

Microsoft Chairman (for a little while longer) Bill Gates gave the keynote address at CES 2008 this year for the final time. Starting off with a laugh, Bill showed a star studded video of what his last day at Microsoft will be like. Gates used a host of MS employees to deliver this address, thankfully he mercifully spared us Ballmer. Showcasing the always interesting technology demos. Including Microsoft Surface, SYNC for automobiles and more, amazingly every thing worked like it was supposed to.

Major MS announcements.

Vista Licenses top 100 million.

17.7 million XBox Consoles in the wild with over 10 million Xbox Live Accounts.

Xbox Games far outsell Wii and PS3 titles.

MGM's video library coming to XBox Live.

ABC & Disney TV shows Coming to Xbox Live this month.

Ford Motors to roll out Microsoft Sync across it's product line next year.

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