Sunday, January 13, 2008

OLPC XO News WrapUp

There is so much going on with the OLPC XO laptop we had to aggregate it .

We reported on the nasty details of the Intel OLPC Breakup.
The latest news is that the site may be an astroturfed Intel site. Best to get your olpc news from the olpc wiki. He posted a vigorous denial and a quote from Mary Lou Jepson.

EnGadget and Slashdot are reporting on a PCWorld story that the XO is coming to American Students.

"To have the United Sates be the only country that's not in the OLPC agenda would be kind of ridiculous," Negroponte said.

Several sites are reporting on former OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen's new company PixelQi and the efforts to commercialize the technology in the XO.
Pixel Qi is currently pursuing the $75 laptop, while also aiming to bring sunlight readable, low-cost and low-power screens into mainstream laptops, cellphones and digital cameras.
Also in the news is the possibility of Windows on the XO. Nicholas Negroponte was quoted as saying Microsoft is working on a dual boot XO solution. Microsoft quickly responded with a "nah unh".
"While we have investigated the possibility in the past, Microsoft is not developing dual-boot Windows XP support for OLPC's XO laptop,"a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement."As we announced in December, Microsoft plans to publish formal design guidelines early this year that will assist flash-based device manufacturers in designing machines that enable a high-quality Windows experience. Our current goal remains to provide a high-quality Windows experience on the XO device."
Good Luck with that, a high-quality Windows experience is the goal of every Windows user and many of them think the goal is a bit too lofty.

Meanwhile, a lone hacker has managed to get his beloved AmigaOS to run on the XO using the AmigaForever Emulator.


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