Friday, December 21, 2007

WTO Final Ruling

After reading this article from the BBC, I came away from it with a total lack of understanding. Most unusual for the Beeb, who is almost always a great and thorough source of news. Unsatisfied with their report, I sauntered off into the web seeking more information. Several hours later, I knew all I wanted to know about the whole sordid affair. The 96 page report from the WTO is quite the document, one in a long history of such in this case.

Having amassed this information, it seemed prudent to record it for any future interested parties. So off to the presses with an article at AC. Link to be provided upon publication.

In late 2006 the US effectively banned all offshore Internet The latest in a long list of laws Antigua and Barbuda first objected to in 2003 when it filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization. Today the WTO issued it's final dispute settlement.
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Although not tech related per se, the case involved Intellectual Property rights and the possible LEGAL circumvention of them en masse to the tune of $21million annually by 2 tiny island states near Puerto Rico, Antigua and Barbuda.

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