Thursday, December 13, 2007

Get me, I'm a columnist.

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After much thought and deliberation, a decision was reached to start writing thoughts down for the world to read all in one place.

Just to over analyze things, lets take another look at that sentence.

"much thought and deliberation"
A good week of discussions with all involved parties (mostly on the economic impact it would have on the "organization") was undertaken befor coming to this decision.

"Start writing thoughts down all in one place."
Heretofore tiny snippets of thought were left at various random places. Seemed a bit inefficient, looking for that thought at some later time. Would be useful to have one spot to catalog and retrieve those thoughts. Blogging would seem the perfect fit, but the format is far too freeform and Unfocused. Above all, these thoughts need to be focused, useful, and prepared for consumption. There is the economic angle as well, if these thoughts are useful then they are a commodity. How best to capitalize on these thoughts. Some people do it with advertising, few do it well, most do far to much. I prefer not to get involved. Although a great place to catalog them, this blog is not the place to house those thoughts. I don't want this place crawling with advertising. I think, 1 Google Adsense box should be good enough for any blog.

Associated Content was chosen as that place. From time to time, you will see announcements for articles on topics of technical interest. Articles are written for those who may be new to the subject matter. Posts will link to both the original AC page as well as the printable version. New articles will also appear in the MrCopilot@AC ticker above.


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