Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taking out the Trash

It's a chore we all have to do. Even here in the digital domain.

Being a fairly public netizen and blogger, I get a ton o spam. Filters take care of 99.7% of it, so I don't have to see the 120 Penile Enhancement offers and various email scams sent to me every day. Every once in a while those .3% do show up in the inbox. So as a service to the community (and for my own twisted amusement) it was decided to collect and air this scam spam for public viewing. Not wanting to clog up this blog with it, why not dedicate another for just that purpose.

Head on over to Mrcopilot's Trash to take a gander at what passes for the state of the art in filter busting scam spam if you are interested in that sort of thing.

My favorite is the pay up or we will kill you message I received yesterday. Check it out at Death Threats for Profit. Give it a Digg, to alert the masses. I must admit, that one made me pause for a second. Not even sure how that could possibly be an effective money maker. But then again we are amazed any of these ever work on anyone.


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