Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Flu, Obama, Clinton, Ralph Nader, WTF

Every muscle hurts, every crease in the blanket, Every joint. The Flu is cutting a vicious swath through my family. Basically a whole house full of moaning and restlessness. After being in Bed for more than 13hrs, I had to get up. Had to find medication. Check the web for a minute.

"Hillary Clinton would make a fine president and I think all reasonable people know that. She would make a better president, offering more constructive policies protecting more Americans, than McCain could ever hope to. Her problem is that Americans, in any given election cycle, can become inflamed with a true passion for change that can only exist in a country like ours. She does not represent that change as well as Mr. Obama does. In spite of her superior capabilities in many areas, Obama would still move into the White House with more foreign policy experience than George Bush had when Bush and his brother stole the election in 2000."

How insightful, who wrote that, Alec Baldwin. WTF.

Sunday, Feb. 24
Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader sat down with Tim Russert to announce a third bid for the White House. Plus, we had a political roundtable with insights and analysis on Clinton vs. Obama and McCain vs. the New York Times -- featuring David Brooks, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Michele Norris and Chuck Todd.

Meet The Press with Tim Russert. I give up, I can't watch, I'm going back to bed, You are welcome to. I find it helpful to have a bucket nearby, but that may just be the flu.


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