Friday, February 22, 2008

Net Neutrality Take 2

The last time Net Neutrality was taken up by congress, a concerned citizen felt it necessary to voice his opinion to his local representative.

He forwarded me the response he received in hopes I would share it with you dear readers.

Feel free to scroll down, click and read the whole thing, it is an excellent example of political speech and passing the buck.

The gist (for the lazy) was that although the Honorable Ed Whitfield voted for for the original bill, he voted against the amendment giving anyone the authority to enforce it. Then he notes that the Senate failed to pass its own version and the bill died just like Schoolhouse Rock describes.

My advice to this young man, and to all of you, is to not be discouraged and make sure his voice is heard again on the newest upcoming Net Neutrality bill making its way through the political meat grinder in Washington right now. Also make sure your friends do the same. Be sure to mention as a registered voter the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008” (HR 5353) is an important issue for you and will certainly inform your future voting decisions.

As more and more media corporations (TimeWarner, etc) control consumer access to the Internet, regulation and controls must be established to ensure equal access to content from a variety of sources. I see no better institution than the Federal Communication Commision, short of creating one for this purpose (not the worst idea I've heard), to fill that role.

For more on the new bill and track its progress


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