Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Darwin Day Chuck

09-02-12)On 12 February 1809 in Shropshire England a man was born who would change the way we look at the world. 51 ears later he published a book that attempted to explain the diversity of life on this planet. His theory would lay the foundation for modern biology and pave the way for whole new fields of science and study.

That man was Charles Darwin and today marks Charles Darwin's 199th birthday. 149 years after the publication of Origin of a Species being critically examined and studied. His ideas were controversial in his day, because they were in opposition to religious teachings on the origins of man. Darwin's theory has become a scientifically accepted explanation. But, there are still some who doubt the veracity of Natural Selection and Mutation known collectively as Evolutionary Theory, more often than not for the same reasons as it was disputed 149 years ago. If you believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible or the Quran, Evolution cannot be true. Many that hold this view actively try to discredit Darwin and Evolution in a variety of ways, unsuccessfully in most cases.

On this day we celebrate Darwin as a man and as a scientist. He spent many years travelling the globe, gathering data, and studying animals both in the wild and in the flesh and bone. He built his work on the facts and was not influenced by popular opinion. In essence he was a scientist without parallel.

Suggested Activities for Darwin Day

Read or Re-Read Darwin's works.
Downloads at Project Gutenberg including On the Origins Of Species
Read Online @ The complete works of Charles Darwin

Watch The PBS Nova Special on Darwin.
Google Video Link

Find out why Darwin still matters.
An essay by Biologist Richard Dawkins

Fight Back against the anti Evolutionist use social networks like Digg! and promote evolution stories. Here are two submissions from me, If you find more submit them.
Evolution Just A Theory?
A Respectable man with a Dangerous Idea

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Watch Kenneth Miller destroy Intelligent Design.

Happy Darwin Day.


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