Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the spirit of the Season

I want to say thank you.

I want to say thank you to all the people of the world who contributed to the following efforts, without ever having even met me.

My Employment: Tools that make my job not only easier and more productive but honestly, possible at all.

My Entertainment: Continuing to make it accessible and affordable.

My Curiosity and Education: The ever expanding index of knowledge accessible at my fingertips.

My Creative Outlet: Tools and infrastructure to give any human the ability to broadcast to the world whatever they want.

To list them individually by name, this post would quickly be the focus of the entire blog. Although not a bad idea, (mental note....) So keep in mind, if I leave you out. Thanks.

Richard, Lawrence, Linus, Bruce and Eric, Sergey, Larry, and Eric, Mathias, Aaron.
TO all of you who use, develop, report bugs for, write articles, criticize and praise open source projects like KDE, Debian, Linux, Busybox, Ant, Apache, Ruby, GNU anything;
To all the trolls in Europe, and the Ubuntu groups from here to S Africa, To the Podcasters and Support Sites and Forums, To all the managers, who after being shown, recognize not only the value and cost savings, but also the efficiency gained by having access to the source and documentation and a community. I even want to thank Big old blue, IBM and it's new generation of software engineers freed from the shackles and limitations of the previous model.

In the spirit of the season I want to also thank Microsoft, Thank You for showing me the error of my ways. And Kudos to you for making a nice tidy bundle in the process. Specifically thank you Bill. Thanks for leaving us Steve. Its almost as if you wanted to make the transition easier.

I want to thank you the consumer for choosing your devices based on their functionality and ease of use rather than their Operating System Developer.

So once again, on behalf of myself, my employer and my family:

Thanks to all of you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

In the spirit of the coming season, I have something I'd like to give to all of you, but not today. In the coming weeks I will be unveiling it. Please stand by,

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