Sunday, November 30, 2008

Election 2008:Postscript

Just under a month after America's most historic election since the Kenedys, it feels like the perfect time for bit of sober considered reflection.

At tmes throughout the general election, it felt as if we were all part of an old fashioned 80s style grand wager.

Randolf: Isn't it a wonderful time to still be alive, and wealthy, Mortimer?

Mortimer: We've certainly witnessed and profited on a chunk of history.

Randolf: Indeed, capitalizism defeating comunism, the dot com bubble over shadowed by the Internet, the triumph of equal rights over racism.

Mortimer: I think the latter may be a bit premature.

Randolf: Surely, with african americans, and other minorities in congress, on the supreme court, not to mention cabinet posts, America must be seen as an society of diverse equals.

Mortimer: But never the top post. I'd wager a well educated, articulate, fully qualified black candidate with a populist platform would lose to almost any rich white candidate no matter how incompetent a campaign he runs.

Randolf: Would you indeed, I agree to your terms sir, and I think I know just the two chaps for the job.

Daily, we watched McCain start and stumble through as Obama hardly missed a step, no matter the issue

On election night we all watched as the numbers rolled in. Taken as a whole there is a signifigant Obama margin. On a district basis however this was a lot closer race then I feel comfortable with.

Given the incomptence shown by the McCain campaign, it is startling to me how many americans were willing to give the reigns of American power over to him.

Just how close did Mortimer come to being a dollar richer?


Staggering, isn't it? 46% of Americans comprised of those who voted for McCain, combined wth those voting against Obama. My shock at this number is tempered by the majority of these voters seem genuinely supportive of the incoming administration and maybe even a little prouder of America.

Of course, the transition team's swift and confidence inspiring actions haven't hurt either. Weekly adresses, near daily economic press conferences are showing a clear purpose to action that is (sadly) refreshing.

Experts being appointed to advisory positions in the administration may seem like a no-brainer to most people, but it hasn't been seen in recent memory.

Cabinet members being appointed "early" gives us all some hope that there maybe some grown ups in the room during the remaining days of the current administration.

Spend a little time over at and you begin to realize this guy really does believe he is a representitive of the citizens. The general feel of interaction is "we may not always agree but we are here to listen, and welcome your help."
Which, again, is (sadly) refreshing. I get one other impression, this president has a firm grasp of the role technology can, should, and will ever more play in governance. Having Eric Schmidt as an advisor probably does not hurt.

Even that word, governance has meaning again.
Websters says:
The act of governing; specifically: authoritative direction or control.

Also, refreshing, and not scary.

In summation. I have to agree with Randolph on this one. It is indeed a wonderful time to be alive.

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