Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Microsoft Announces Open Halo

After conquering the Console space on the industry leader XBox and XBox360 Microsoft has finally decided to throw their hat into the Linux Gaming space in a big way.

Microsoft thinks its high time some quality open source games are released in the Linux market.

Okay, you got me, it's is April 1st after all.

Microsoft has no interest whatsoever in open sourcing Halo. Does that mean us Linux users are left Master Chiefless forever?

Nope. Not at all.

Halo does in fact run in wine and quite well.

For more info on how to set it up see:
How I got Halo: Combat evolved working on wine 0.9.39



The other method, my preferred method actually, is through a native Linux game. Unreal Tournament 2004. In the now defunct Mod Project Torlan. Halo "feels" a lot better in the UT engine and running natively.

Downloads are still up, even if the site is in a state of disrepair. You'll need the following files
HaloUT P1.75 ZIP Install First
HaloUT P1.751 Update
HaloUT P1.7511 Second Update

and you'll need the ability to install Mods under linux. A bit tricky but not to difficult to figure out and well worth doing. What you end up with is a very fast, very satisfying Halo experience.

For more info, surrounded by php database errors see Project Torlan

All joking aside, anyone wanting to contribute to a real openhalo GPL3 project drop me a line.


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